About IGW+ Certificate

Professional web design, Programming, CRM, online office automation, web security, Secured E-commerce and web site maintenance educational course.
The right path to become a professional web developer

Goal: to teach people with highest degree of web technical knowledge, pioneer in the World Wide Web and creative to improve modern online technologies and standards with ability to having a good relative job.

Founder: Elias Naserkhaki.

Standard B (new)
0. (optional but useful) Linux OS: Open source, Linux Distributions, Installation, Linux file system, file and folders, terminal, user account, privileges,LAMP, Top IDE and Editor for web development,... .
1-1. Web and network fundamentals | HTML5: structure, tags, attributes, SEO basics | CSS3: selectors, properties, transition, layout, photo gallery | Photoshop basics for web: export for web, resize, crop, color modes.
1-2. (optional but useful) Web graphics: digital color systems, Photoshop, animation and advertisement, CorelDRAW/Illustrator functional in web, SVG, harmony.
2. Advanced CSS3, responsive layouts, CSS3 3D effects, fundamentals of bootstrap, start with WordPress or Joomla, CSS3 selectors and events, introduce Linux Ubuntu, web contracts.
2-2. (optional but useful) SEO(Search Engine Optimization), techniques and methods use for affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a web search engine's(i.e. Google) results, In general, the earlier or higher ranked on the search results page,
3-1. javascript, DOM, timing, animation, slider, form validation, JSON, simple games, start jquery.
IGW+ Professional UI/UX Designer
3-2. (optional but useful) Jquery, Jquery UI, Jquery mobile.
4. Server side programming with PHP, introduce OOP, MySQL(PDO), php.ini, .htaccess, mail, register, develop simple web application.
5. Advanced server-side programming with PHP and MySQL: PHP class, OOP programming , captcha, introduce top PHP framework, working with file and directories, working with XML and JSON,AJAX, Email, secure PHP and apache, develop shopping cart.
5-2. (optional but useful) Start a professional web application from scratch and complete modular, MVC, secure and SEO-friendly web app.
IGW+ Professional Web Application Designer And Programmer
5-3. Web server: web server Security, Setup VPS/VDS, Dedicated servers implementation, Data center knowledge; recommended first you pass level 0 (Linux OS).

Standard A (old)
1. Internet structure HTML5 XHTML XML fundamentals, standard tags, form objects
2. web graphic 1 :Digital color systems, SVG, Photoshop,animation advertisement, Illustrator/CorelDraw functional in web
3. (optional, not recommended) web graphic 2 : Adobe flash , swish and action Script– this level is optional
4. Advanced CSS3 : responsive Layouts, JetBrains IDE, Adobe Dreamweaver , CSS3 3D, fundamentals of bootstrap and Joomla / Wordpress , CSS3 selectors and events
5. JAVASCRIPT1: functions DOM menu tree animation, timing, form validation,HTML5, JSON
6. Selecting suitable host and domain , site uploading ,control panel settings(DNS , add-on & park domain, security, cron jobs,…)
IGW+ static web designer Certificate
7. Advanced JavaScript, cross browser scripting, JSON,top JS frameworks,Gadget JS(Android, IOS, Blackberry, …) , HTML5 application, HTML5 mobile application
8-a. server side programming with PHP :a OOP, MySQL(mysqli, PDO), php.ini, .htaccess, mail, register
8-b. server side programming with PHP b : login system , SOA, MVC, PHP & Oracle ,CMS fundamental ,open source PHP projects(Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress, PHPBB, ...)
9. web2 technology AJAX Combine PHP & JavaScript & XML ,advanced Apache settings
10. Security, E-commerce, CRM, Site Maintenance encryption and decryption
IGW+ Dynamic web programmer Certificate
11. web2 technology AJAX Combine PHP & JavaScript & XML ,advanced Apache settings Online office automation, Modern CMS design and programming modern Modular multi-language multi-theme systems, Setup Dedicated Servers
12. Research course creation of new methods of web design and programming next generation and Exclusive AJAP technology